Mar 01

Blush oranges

Citrus makes winter bearable. Just back from a week high in the Austrian Alps, London seemed gloomy. Until I stopped by at my regular fruit stand in Warren Street to find sunny blush oranges at 4 to the pound. Now, it used to be that a £2 coin was like a piece of treasure. Even relatively recently it was at least a satisfying, brassy-ringed beer token. Sadly those days are no more but in exchange for 8 balls of sweet sunshine, I felt I should be drawing that coin from a velvet bag with draw string of braided silk.

Blush Oranges

Friday evening saw a pair of blush orange martinis:

-2 parts freshly squeezed blush orange
-3 parts good vodka
-Simple syrup to take the edge off tartness (or a little sugar)
-A few dashes of Angostura (or other) bitters.
(Shake with ice cubes. Strain and poor into chilled martini glasses)

Try one!