Cavalo Nero

The cavalo has bolted. Our cavalo nero has kept on cropping throughout the winter. In the last weeks it gave us its best.  Kale is supposed to be better after some frost…do you find so? It certainly seems more tender.  But this march, the warm days and cold nights have seen it flowering early while getting frosted at night.  

As with most brassicas, the flower buds are fabulous.  We tried them both stir-fried and simmered in dashi – both great.  The leaves have been an easy, home grown winter staple that give some striking, architectural interest to the garden in the bleakest months. This is what kale is for…to bridge the end-of-winter gap when nothing else is left. That’s why one popular variety is called “Hungry Gap”. Try sowing some in your plot or tubs this summer.

Cavalo Nero

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